Logistics, trucking, delivery, pickup services, Atlanta, Ga

Expedited Logistical Services, Atlanta, Georgia
"Large enough to handle your needs...
small enough to care..."

Atlanta based logistics company - Pickup, Delivery, Trucking

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Our specialty is our proven ability to address the needs of the
small to mid-size shipper and/or freight forwarder.

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Our office / Warehouse is located at

5192 Southridge Parkway
Suite 100A
Atlanta, GA  30349
( Directions )

Office Hours  8 AM to 5 PM, Mondays thru Fridays EST
Warehouse Hours 07:30 am 7:30 pm EST

Contact us at:
Tel: (404) 767-1001
Fax: (404) 209-7262
Customer Service: operations@els-atl.com

Contact Management:

General Manager
Steve Smith
Cell#: (770) 231-5496
DC#: 154*24*11550

Operations Manager
Steve Love
Cell#: (404) 304-5865

Sales Manager
Bill Glenn
(770) 880-8145

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